Expanding into a new market is not an easy decision.


International expansion strategy is a fine mixture of hand-crafted and detailed micro processes, which requires to be implemented very carefully in order to minimize failure risks and get maximum benefit from investment.

There are variety of individual facts to be considered; regulations, local mainstream players and varisized competitors, potential buyers and suppliers, distribution and logistics channels, best practices and prospect solution partners, domestic and international law, local labor market conditions, political situation, financial and payment options, last but not least, local culture and local language.


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We as Expert Consultants;

- listen and understand your business needs,

- share our ideas and brainstorm with you,


- make a list of tasks depending on business development strategy,


- prioritize tasks based on impacts,


- progress gradually from one stage to the next,


- fulfill the commitments of project,


- get your valuable feedbacks about our given service, and,


- close the project.

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YILDIRIM Consulting is a business management and commercial consultancy services company, helping companies to grow internationally beyond their local markets. YILDIRIM Consulting is founded by Ozan Yildirim in Bursa, and from that time has served many companies worldwide. Some of clients’ origin locations are Turkey, Italy, Austria, Germany and United Kingdom.


Ozan Yildirim has managerial and leadership professional experience over last decade in business development, marketing and sales positions for both domestic and international markets under assigned territories of Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has served in various industries such as; automotive, consumer electronics products, electrification and electronics equipment manufacturing, oil and gas, industrial automation, industrial design and fashion.

He is partner in International Service Group, as known as ISG, whom is responsible for business development and sales activities of human resources consultancy services both in Turkey and in Italy. Main interested HR topics are; Headhunting, Executive Search, Search and Selection. He is also founder of IO Music and Entertainment start-up company, aiming to support talents of electronic music sector and to organize electronics music related entertainment events.

He holds Management master degree of Polytechnic University of Milan from Italy and Electrical and Electronics Engineering bachelor degree of Gazi University from Turkey. At the moment, he resides both in Turkey and in Italy. Has knowledge of Turkish, English, Italian languages in native and advanced levels.